Half Marathon Half Asleep

So, as previously mentioned, I had a half marathon last Friday. The weather is heating up here so the race was scheduled to start at 6:15 am. It did.

Thursday night (T-1), Kyla thought it would be a great idea for me to have Koshary for dinner. To all of you who don’t know what koshary is, it is a carb bomb made of rice, lentils, and macaroni with spicy sauce to top it off. The meal was delicious!!!! Seriously. Amazing. I know it sounds simple but it really is phenomenal.

A couple of hours after dinner I decided to hit the sack. As you may know we have a newborn; meaning, sleep is limited and regularly interrupted, making it difficult to get much done. Kyla asked if I wanted to sleep in the guest bedroom but I decided to suck it up and sleep with them in the room.

I set my alarm for 5am and had little trouble getting to sleep. Baby woke up a couple of times which woke me up but it wasn’t that bad really. I did have a hard time getting out of bed though. I hadn’t packed anything for the race the night before so things were a bit tough and hectic in the morning. I managed to make it about 30 minuted before the gun.

When I got there I was so tired. There was a guy on stage stretching and warming up. I tried following the movies but I thought it would be better for me to nap for a bit instead of joining the mass morning stretch. I found a secluded spot and rested my head for a few minutes. I got up as soon as I heard the masses shuffling to get to the start line.

I was so sleepy I didn’t realize that I ran an entire half marathon with my shorts on backwards, seriously who does that?

Aaaanyway, below is a map of the course:


I like the area, I used to live there about a year ago so it was nice running back there again.

The gun went off and so we ran. It was a bit tight especially for the first few k’s. Things started to seriously open up at the 12K mark. The race was ok. Nothing special. Basic water stations. The marshals were ok. There was zero crowd, but the views were really nice we ran past a lot of huge mansions.

I finished the half in 1:54:41 ranked 187 out of 573 runners. A bit indifferent about the result but considering my pre-run condition I am satisfied.

There was breakfast after the run but I couldn’t make it since we had plans to meet up with friends at the beach:


My next run is tonight. I think I’ll go for a fast paced hilly 5K run. We’ll see.

Take care.

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2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Half Asleep

  1. Congrats on a strong finish!

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