21K Drunk Dude Run

I have this problem of not having a plan. Ever. I just signed up for a half marathon this coming Friday, and have not ran in a couple of weeks. Coincidentally, my last run was a half marathon about 2 weeks ago. The run started at 4:30 am. The reason I went out this early was because our newborn, Naila had woken up for here mid-evening feed, and I could not go to sleep after she was done. I figured it was probably a good time to go for my weekly long run instead of tossing and turning for a couple of hours in bed.

Running early on weekends has its advantages. I live in an area surrounded by a few clubs / night spots. Running this early (or late; I’m confused) allows me to see a lot of kids leaving the clubs. They usually look at me with a wtf are you doing running so late in the evening, but every now and then I come across a unique experience.

It was just under 2K into my run right about where the yacht club is (see image below) is where I came across this young man lying on his back right by the railing.


 The guy was lying on his back. At first when I saw him I didn’t even know what he was. As I ran passed him I figured the guy is probably very drunk and needs to rest it out. 

As I continued running, and this is something that I normally do, I started over thinking the situation and was like, what if he was injured. I mean, you don’t regularly see a clean cut three piece suit wearing guy sleeping in the middle of the promenade every day. So I decided I should stop on my way back to see if he needed help (if he was still there). 

As I made my way back I saw the guy still sleeping in the same position but his arms were now crossed which made me feel a bit more at ease i.e he’s still alive. I ran up to him and gave him a little nudge to see if he was responsive. He kept his eyes closed and gave me the creepiest biggest smile ever. I told him that he should maybe go lay on a bench or something. He didn’t seem to care. He looked comfortable. He also had what I think was a black eye. I figured he may have gotten into a brawl at the bar or something. Imagine this guy below sleeping in the middle of the walkway:



So, guy is alive, all is well, let’s keep running. 

I finished the half in 2:03:50. Probably my slowest half yet. May have something to do with the incident or the fact that I started running again unprepared at 4:30 am. Regardless, now I have a half marathon lined up for this Friday. The race starts very early in the morning (6:15 am). Anyways I’ll keep you posted as to how the race went.

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