29K run with the insane Dubai Creek Striders, marathon booked, and a couple of short runs

I had the honor of running a supposedly 32 K run with the Dubai Creek Striders last Friday. Holy smokes are they good!! The run was to take place bright and early at 6 am for a cool 32 K. There were 4 groups as far as I remember; a 10 K group and three 30+K groups. The three 30+ K groups were divided into a slow paced (6mpk), a medium pace (5:15 to 5:30 mpk), and a fast pace (4:30mpk). I figured, you know what, lets try and go with the average group at 5:15 to 5:30, I was comfortable since someone in the group shouted “5:45 works for me” so I figured I should fit right in.

The first few kilometers were fine. They started off slow at a reasonable pace that I would have been able to maintain. I felt good. I even had a chance to start a conversation with a few of the runners. The whole experience was a bit surreal. It was a 6 am run, we were given armbands with lights on them to make sure cars would see us. There were about 20 runners in my group all of which were older than me. How it works is they take some money from us (dhs 10 approx $3) where we stop at certain gas stations along the way to have a bit of water and fuel on snacks (I had a couple of gels). The first stop was at 5 K. I didn’t know they actually stopped so I was like, this is easy, nice slow pace, a few stops here and there, I like it. 3 minutes into our stop and we headed out again. This time the pace was a bit tougher but I figured hey why not. We kept the pace till we reached the second gas station 6 K later. At that point I was still feeling ok. I had a chance to talk to a couple of other runners. Both of which ran the Boston Marathon a few times.  At that point I was like OK these guys are real runners. The next stretch was 9 K we were at about 20 K at that point. That’s when I started to break down. I couldn’t maintain my pace, especially with all the flyovers we were getting on. It was tough. about 9 K after that is when I decided to pull out. I figured I can either push myself and burn out or I can stop and make sure I can minimize the effect of this run on my body. I decided to walk back the last K.

Here are the run details: Running 27.12.2013 06:11 (29K at 5:42mpk)

I also did a couple of runs here:

Running 16.12.2013 18:32 (15.9K at 5:24 mpk)

Running 20.12.2013 06:00 (9.05K at 5:42mpk)

Running 23.12.2013 18:56 (16.02K at 5:39mpk)

Last night I went out for a slow paced 6K run with my brother. Here are the details of that run: Running 30.12.2013 19:03

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