2013 Closing Thoughts

About a year ago I finished my first marathon with my brother. I wouldn’t consider myself a thrill seeker but I enjoy doing things the average person would not have the chance of doing (such as bear hunting on Vancouver Island, dog sledding, watching a cockfight in Bali (not recommended but insane atmosphere), trekking in the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal, surfing in Canada, amongst others). Running a marathon was up there.

I had a great experience running my first marathon. We decided to run the marathon on Dec 31st (last day to register, 25 days till the actual marathon). This is obviously not the smartest thing to do considering neither of us had ran a half marathon prior (we both had an ok running foundation I was averaging 3 runs a week (two 12Ks and one 16K). Anyways, we finished the run in a weak 4:33 minutes but I never hit “the wall” or had to walk. Crossing the finish line was just fantastic! I think we both were lucky and just had a good day.

Also, if you plan on ever running your first marathon, I would recommend running the Dubai Marathon. It is flat, zero hills, and very well organized. I remember at one point during the run a person offered me a Snickers chocolate bar and I decided not to have it because I just had a Toblerone a few kilometers back.

I’m worried that my first marathon experience was relatively easy and that I may be expecting a similar race. I have set a goal of completing the marathon in under 4 hours, but I’m not sure that I can deliver. Judging from my runs to date, I can barely finish a half under 2 hours. It would be tough doubling my distance at that pace. However, we still have a month to go so I’m pretty sure I can squeeze in another few 20K + runs to make sure I am comfortable meeting that goal.

Marathons are fun, but I think a may try a different goal for 2014. I will not commit to this yet, but I’m thinking of doing 3,000K in 2014. That equals to about 8K per day, 56K per week!! The reason I want to do this is because I need to have a goal to run. I cannot regularly commit to running without having a goal.

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