Watch Failure, 3 half marathons and a few miles here and there

It’s been a while!

Well I have been running. I ran 3 half marathons since my last post, and a  few shorter runs. The reason I stopped blogging was because my Polar RCX3 watch went kaputt!! Yes, my beloved watch failed me. I had an issue with the watch on a 16K run where if froze. It froze on the 6th K. I didn’t notice till a few Ks after. And here I thought that I was managing my pace perfectly. So anyways, I was a bit bummed out I couldn’t save my run details, but managed to restart the watch as soon as I got home. A couple of days later I ran a half marathon and the watch failed me again! It’s one thing having the watch fail you on a 16K run but a half marathon fail is a bit more annoying. You don’t do one of these every day.

I took the watch in to the store and they said it would take a week to fix. (side-note; one of the employees at the store is a semi professional distance runner who did a 30K in 28 min. !!!!) Fast-forward to today where I received the watch about 3 weeks later. Mind you, they couldn’t fix the issue with the watch so i got a new one.

My last half marathon was brutal. The time was still under 2 hours (1:58:05),Running 13.12.2013 06:56., but I was exhausted for some reason. I couldn’t push any further. I remember the last recorded half marathon was about 4 minutes faster with no concerns or issues. My pace dropped to zero at a point in my run where I stopped to tie my shoe lace.

I plan on doing a 30K run this Friday. Not sure if I’ll be ready for that, but I think I can. We’ll see how this week progresses.

Well anyways, I shall be back with more soon.

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