Half Marathon in under 2 hours, dropped something else in the sea, and improved pace


So I had a pretty slow week in terms of running, due to a couple of after work events I had to attend to. In the two runs that I did manage to squeeze in this week, I tried to focus more on pace just to make sure I am able to complete the marathon in under 4 hours with little discomfort. This week I ran a 5K under 25 min (00:24:40) and a half marathon (21.1K) in under 2 hours (01:53:45), so I’m pretty happy about my overall pace. 

The 5K Running 06.11.2013 06:17:

For some reason I go into a run not knowing what the objective of the run is. I think that works for me because it takes away from the pressure during the first few minutes of the run. During this run I decided after the first couple of Ks that I did not want to run for too long and that I wanted to try a faster pace. I hated it. I hate running faster than my regular pace.

The Half Marathon Running 08.11.2013 06:40:

OK this run was a bit more eventful. I left a bit later than my norm. I hooked up the heart rate monitor, clipped my ipod shuffle to my t-shirt and off I went. At the 2.4K mark (check out the run log above for proof) I accidentally had my arm pull on my headphones which resulted in my ipod flying in the air and falling in the sea. That is the second thing I drop in the sea in two weeks! I think I’ll start a section in this blog titled shit I’ve dropped in the sea while running. Who said running was a cheap sport?! I was so close to quitting and just going home but that would have meant running back home, which was not fun, so I decided to continue running in the opposite direction. I never intended on running a half marathon yesterday but the weather was fantastic, and I wanted to make up for a bad running week. I thought I would go crazy without the music, but it wasn’t all that bad. Running without music made me realize i’m a heavy breather while which I’m sure freaks a few of people that I run behind out. I also noticed that I kind of stomp my feet while running so I had to consciously lightly drop my feet to the ground. Lost ipod aside, it was a fantastic run. I’m not sure I can double the distance with the same pace, but I will try going for 30K within the next couple of weeks.

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2 thoughts on “Half Marathon in under 2 hours, dropped something else in the sea, and improved pace

  1. Joey says:

    You’ll be more in tune with your body without music and become a much better runner. I tried running with music once and I felt so out of rhythm. I don’t see how people can do it

  2. fifomatic says:

    You know what, I can see that. It seems like a bit of a distraction. I mean I like the music, but claiming it is boring without the music is something I cannot relate to. I think I’ll try running without music from now on.

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