Running in the Dubai Marina

Hey there!

So I wanted to write about where and when the best places / times to run in the Marina are. First off, lets look at the three major areas you can go for a run.

Marina promenade (closer to the sea). This side of the marina is closer to the water and is generally less busy since there are fewer restaurants.


There is also the other side of the promenade (Closer to SZR) which has a lot more restaurants and is generally much busier. I would recommend avoiding this side in the evenings especially on weekends. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes serving shisha making your running experience not very pleasant.


Finally we have The Walk, which is probably the busiest area in the Marina, similar to the side of the promenade closer to SZR only much busier. Avoid this area during the evenings and weekends. I like finishing my long runs there early in the day on weekends.Image

Below is my weekend 10 mile (16.1K) run:


Overall, running in the Marina is great experience. Here are some of the buildings/structures that I come across during my run:

The blue bridge where I turn around the first time:


The twisty building (Cayan Tower) where I make my second turn:Image

And finally, The Walk, my last stop of the run:


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