10 Mile with a Smile


This week has been a bit slow in terms of my runs. I guess the highlight was running 10K last night at 7:30ish and another 16K this am at around 6:30 in the morning. Other than that I had a shorter faster run this week. Lets go over each run briefly:

The Indian Food Run:

This run happened mid week and I was forced to go for a quick run since we had ordered Indian for dinner. It was great since I had to run as far as I could before the delivery people came knocking. I find treadmill jogs around 20 – 30 percent easier than road runs. My pace is usually faster and I have an easier time getting through the runs.

This is the detailed summary of my run: Training Result 30.10.2013 19:40. (34:59, Distance: 7.9K, Pace:4:24, Calories: 526)

Sorry, about the order: We had 1 butter chicken, 1 Paneer Gosht (goat) 1 Naan and 1 plain rice great place in JLT.

The Run with My Bro:

Probably one of my least favorite runs in a while. The weather was hot and sticky. I had a big lunch and wasn’t feeling it at all. It seemed forced and I had a hard time keeping up with my brother. Overall not a pleasant run but I think it was one of those runs that make you understand discomfort and pain a bit better.

This is the detailed summary of my run: Training Result 01.11.2013 19:32. (56:39, Distance: 10.02K, Pace:5:39, Calories: 796)

10 Mile with a Smile:

After having a “bad” run last night, I decided to go for a longer run this morning, I thought it might be tricky considering I ran 10K less than 12 hours ago, but what the heck, weekends are meant to be used for running. This was by far the best run of the week. No calf muscle cramps, a lot of runners outside to keep me motivated, good weather. What more can I ask for? The highlight of the run was the following; I usually hide a bottle of water in the bushes that I use up at 14K when I return to my starting point before I run my final 2K. Today I was looking forward to quenching my thirst. As I approached the spot where I hide my bottle, I saw a man standing right in front of it. There was also a couple walking to my left right by the water. I pointed my finger to the bottle to let the guy know that he was in my way wich resulted in him moving out of the way. As I picked up the bottle it slipped out of my sweaty hand, flew in the air, almost hit the two walkers on my left and flew in the water. I looked like a complete idiot. And I was still thirsty. I thought of stopping and just going home, but I wanted to get away from the situation as fast as i can. I think my fastest K was the 14K-15K. Overall it was a great run with little or no pain/discomfort at a relatively good marathon pace (under 4 hours).

This is the detailed summary of my run: Training Result 02.11.2013 06:19. (1:27:50, Distance: 16.11K, Pace:5:27, Calories: 1330)

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “10 Mile with a Smile

  1. Rami Rabia says:

    Hey I use the, “hide the water bottle in the bush” trick too. No incidents in my case though. The marina always seems to be busy with people…but I guess thats what keeps it interesting.

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