My First Attempt at Running 5K under 20min

There is no way I can do this. Well not at this time. I managed to keep a pace of 3:50 for 1.5K before I noticed there is no way I could keep that pace let alone triple that distance and then some. I gave up. So here is what I did wrong:

  1. I read the warnings all over prior to going for my run: I ran too fast too soon
  2. I had 3 slices of pizza for lunch (I felt the pizza during my run)
  3. I’m not physically prepared for this
  4. I had to dodge a poodle (the track was just too busy)

Considering that based on my current speed I can complete a 5 K in 24 min and that changing up my routine will impact my marathon training here is what I will do to improve my speed without really affecting my regular weekly long runs:

  1. Commit to running 5K at top speed just once a week
  2. Do weight training once a week (I hate weight training)
  3. Hydrate properly and do not have heavy meals prior to a run no matter how “short” of a distance it may seem

If anyone has any suggestion or recommendations that would get me to run faster without going to the gym for a bit of weight training, I’m all ears. Or Eyes. Or both.

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