How I started Running

As a kid growing up in the UAE I was exposed to a lot of different sports. I remember taking karate, swimming, badminton,  wind surfing, tennis, soccer and a whole bunch of other lessons. The two sports I stuck with the longest were tennis and soccer. That being said, I don’t think I voluntarily went for a run once.

My older brother used to run as a kid and would force me(13yrs) to join him. I remember him forcing me to push harder for that extra K, or yell at me to go faster. I enjoyed it but was never interested in going for a run on my own. Back then running was a waste of energy, I mean as a kid you play soccer to score a goal, you play tennis to win the game, there was an objective. With running it seemed to be more of a waste of energy than fun. My brother and I would run about 6K three times a week.

I was on and off running until I moved to Canada about 6 years ago. By then my average run would be no more than 8K. Just a regular slow paced run. I remember my brother calling me one day and telling me he’s going for the marathon and that he’s done over 20K in training. At the time, I had just quit smoking and wanted to get back into running. I remember pushing from 5K all the way up to 10K and then up to 16K. This is when I really started enjoying running. It was fun.

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