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I guess maybe it’s time for an update. I ran the 2015 marathon in 4:19. My brother didn’t join me this year making it somewhat boring as I didn’t really have a goal time or a running partner (anyone interested in training / running the marathon with me, let me know). I will register for the 2016 marathon.

We had our second kid 6 months ago. I haven’t been running for a while but I need to start again in time for the January marathon.

Half Marathon Half Asleep

So, as previously mentioned, I had a half marathon last Friday. The weather is heating up here so the race was scheduled to start at 6:15 am. It did.

Thursday night (T-1), Kyla thought it would be a great idea for me to have Koshary for dinner. To all of you who don’t know what koshary is, it is a carb bomb made of rice, lentils, and macaroni with spicy sauce to top it off. The meal was delicious!!!! Seriously. Amazing. I know it sounds simple but it really is phenomenal.

A couple of hours after dinner I decided to hit the sack. As you may know we have a newborn; meaning, sleep is limited and regularly interrupted, making it difficult to get much done. Kyla asked if I wanted to sleep in the guest bedroom but I decided to suck it up and sleep with them in the room.

I set my alarm for 5am and had little trouble getting to sleep. Baby woke up a couple of times which woke me up but it wasn’t that bad really. I did have a hard time getting out of bed though. I hadn’t packed anything for the race the night before so things were a bit tough and hectic in the morning. I managed to make it about 30 minuted before the gun.

When I got there I was so tired. There was a guy on stage stretching and warming up. I tried following the movies but I thought it would be better for me to nap for a bit instead of joining the mass morning stretch. I found a secluded spot and rested my head for a few minutes. I got up as soon as I heard the masses shuffling to get to the start line.

I was so sleepy I didn’t realize that I ran an entire half marathon with my shorts on backwards, seriously who does that?

Aaaanyway, below is a map of the course:


I like the area, I used to live there about a year ago so it was nice running back there again.

The gun went off and so we ran. It was a bit tight especially for the first few k’s. Things started to seriously open up at the 12K mark. The race was ok. Nothing special. Basic water stations. The marshals were ok. There was zero crowd, but the views were really nice we ran past a lot of huge mansions.

I finished the half in 1:54:41 ranked 187 out of 573 runners. A bit indifferent about the result but considering my pre-run condition I am satisfied.

There was breakfast after the run but I couldn’t make it since we had plans to meet up with friends at the beach:


My next run is tonight. I think I’ll go for a fast paced hilly 5K run. We’ll see.

Take care.

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21K Drunk Dude Run

I have this problem of not having a plan. Ever. I just signed up for a half marathon this coming Friday, and have not ran in a couple of weeks. Coincidentally, my last run was a half marathon about 2 weeks ago. The run started at 4:30 am. The reason I went out this early was because our newborn, Naila had woken up for here mid-evening feed, and I could not go to sleep after she was done. I figured it was probably a good time to go for my weekly long run instead of tossing and turning for a couple of hours in bed.

Running early on weekends has its advantages. I live in an area surrounded by a few clubs / night spots. Running this early (or late; I’m confused) allows me to see a lot of kids leaving the clubs. They usually look at me with a wtf are you doing running so late in the evening, but every now and then I come across a unique experience.

It was just under 2K into my run right about where the yacht club is (see image below) is where I came across this young man lying on his back right by the railing.


 The guy was lying on his back. At first when I saw him I didn’t even know what he was. As I ran passed him I figured the guy is probably very drunk and needs to rest it out. 

As I continued running, and this is something that I normally do, I started over thinking the situation and was like, what if he was injured. I mean, you don’t regularly see a clean cut three piece suit wearing guy sleeping in the middle of the promenade every day. So I decided I should stop on my way back to see if he needed help (if he was still there). 

As I made my way back I saw the guy still sleeping in the same position but his arms were now crossed which made me feel a bit more at ease i.e he’s still alive. I ran up to him and gave him a little nudge to see if he was responsive. He kept his eyes closed and gave me the creepiest biggest smile ever. I told him that he should maybe go lay on a bench or something. He didn’t seem to care. He looked comfortable. He also had what I think was a black eye. I figured he may have gotten into a brawl at the bar or something. Imagine this guy below sleeping in the middle of the walkway:



So, guy is alive, all is well, let’s keep running. 

I finished the half in 2:03:50. Probably my slowest half yet. May have something to do with the incident or the fact that I started running again unprepared at 4:30 am. Regardless, now I have a half marathon lined up for this Friday. The race starts very early in the morning (6:15 am). Anyways I’ll keep you posted as to how the race went.

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New Start to 2014

Hello hello,

So as I mentioned, the plan was to run the Dubai Marathon on Jan 24th. I had been running quite a bit prior, and felt confident that I’ll have a positive experience running this marathon. I wanted to get the majority of my long runs out of the way before the birth of our newborn. Naila was born on the 13th of January, and as I had suspected, I had almost no runs from the 13 till marathon day. As soon as I was off work I was more interested in chilling with Naila than I was in running.

T-1 !!!  Running 24.01.2014 07:03

We hear a lot about carb loading and ensuring you have enough carbs in your system to be able to avoid hitting the wall. Apparently carb loading needs to be happening for a few days prior to the run and not just the night before. Also if you are going to stuff your face with pasta and potatoes for a few days, it is probably best to make sure that it’s not the first time you do so. I personally opted against carb loading considering that I had not started to have carbs a few day prior to the run.

The day before to the marathon I was in a state of indifference. It may have been related to Naila being born and being a bit disconnected from running or the fact that I was worried since I had not been running for a couple of weeks.

Kyla decided to prepare a fantastic seafood dinner and told me to sleep in the guest bedroom so I didn’t have to worry about Naila waking up every few hours. Thank you Kyla!

Marathon Day!!!  Running 24.01.2014 07:03

As you may know from my earlier post, I wanted to run the marathon with my brother. We decided to meet up on site before the race at 6:15 am (race started at 7). I woke up with no alarm at around 5 am but had a solid 6 hours of nonstop sleep.

The atmosphere was amazing as with any “big” marathon I assume. There were a ton of people. The energy was so strong it got you pumped up for the race more than anything. The baggage claim was very well organized, the washrooms were plentiful. The only pre-run issue was how unorganized the exit was to get to the actual start line. There seemed to be only one exit for all runners which made it very difficult to get to the start of the line in time.

We finally made it to where we were supposed to be and got there in time about 5 minutes before the gun.

The first 10K were a walk in the park. No issues, on pace, things were looking good. We felt super good and were able to contain our excitement and not run at a faster pace.

This is pretty much how the first 10K looked like; my brother and I running side by side (I’m the bald one):



At the 12K mark is when we saw the top runners make their turn back. This point of the marathon to me is the most inspiring and depressing at the same time. You look at these runners and you’re like; holy smokes these guys are insane, then you remember that you’re no where near the halfway point and it will take you over twice as long to finish this race.

The second 10K was even better than the first. We had found our groove. However, I foolishly decided to up the pace a bit thinking we can handle it. We actually shaved off 10min when compared to our first 10K time.

The third 10K went pretty well too. Steady pace. All was looking good.

At about the 29th K my brother started feeling fatigued. His legs had started to shut down. Not a good sign. We decided to go for a quick 500m walk followed by a jog again. This happened for the last 12 K of the race. At one point we walked for an entire K. I think we walked a total of 3K out of the final 12.2K. I was very impressed at how hard my brother pushed to finish that race. Obviously our time was worse than last year, but it was very interesting going through a tough race. Sometimes you just have a bad day. This is what my brothers foot looked like at the end of the race. This was not even where he felt the pain:



Favorite things about the race:

  • Seeing my wife Kyla and our newborn Naila at the 36K mark!!! I didn’t think I it would make that big of a difference. It was sooo great seeing them both. Kyla had dried cherries for us, which were a great treat.
  • The last 200 meters of the race along with the finish line

Worst things about the race:

  • Similar to last year, there really wasn’t that big of a crowd
  • There were no people handing out anything to eat like bananas or gummy bears

I look forward to going for my third Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon in 2015.

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29K run with the insane Dubai Creek Striders, marathon booked, and a couple of short runs

I had the honor of running a supposedly 32 K run with the Dubai Creek Striders last Friday. Holy smokes are they good!! The run was to take place bright and early at 6 am for a cool 32 K. There were 4 groups as far as I remember; a 10 K group and three 30+K groups. The three 30+ K groups were divided into a slow paced (6mpk), a medium pace (5:15 to 5:30 mpk), and a fast pace (4:30mpk). I figured, you know what, lets try and go with the average group at 5:15 to 5:30, I was comfortable since someone in the group shouted “5:45 works for me” so I figured I should fit right in.

The first few kilometers were fine. They started off slow at a reasonable pace that I would have been able to maintain. I felt good. I even had a chance to start a conversation with a few of the runners. The whole experience was a bit surreal. It was a 6 am run, we were given armbands with lights on them to make sure cars would see us. There were about 20 runners in my group all of which were older than me. How it works is they take some money from us (dhs 10 approx $3) where we stop at certain gas stations along the way to have a bit of water and fuel on snacks (I had a couple of gels). The first stop was at 5 K. I didn’t know they actually stopped so I was like, this is easy, nice slow pace, a few stops here and there, I like it. 3 minutes into our stop and we headed out again. This time the pace was a bit tougher but I figured hey why not. We kept the pace till we reached the second gas station 6 K later. At that point I was still feeling ok. I had a chance to talk to a couple of other runners. Both of which ran the Boston Marathon a few times.  At that point I was like OK these guys are real runners. The next stretch was 9 K we were at about 20 K at that point. That’s when I started to break down. I couldn’t maintain my pace, especially with all the flyovers we were getting on. It was tough. about 9 K after that is when I decided to pull out. I figured I can either push myself and burn out or I can stop and make sure I can minimize the effect of this run on my body. I decided to walk back the last K.

Here are the run details: Running 27.12.2013 06:11 (29K at 5:42mpk)

I also did a couple of runs here:

Running 16.12.2013 18:32 (15.9K at 5:24 mpk)

Running 20.12.2013 06:00 (9.05K at 5:42mpk)

Running 23.12.2013 18:56 (16.02K at 5:39mpk)

Last night I went out for a slow paced 6K run with my brother. Here are the details of that run: Running 30.12.2013 19:03

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2013 Closing Thoughts

About a year ago I finished my first marathon with my brother. I wouldn’t consider myself a thrill seeker but I enjoy doing things the average person would not have the chance of doing (such as bear hunting on Vancouver Island, dog sledding, watching a cockfight in Bali (not recommended but insane atmosphere), trekking in the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal, surfing in Canada, amongst others). Running a marathon was up there.

I had a great experience running my first marathon. We decided to run the marathon on Dec 31st (last day to register, 25 days till the actual marathon). This is obviously not the smartest thing to do considering neither of us had ran a half marathon prior (we both had an ok running foundation I was averaging 3 runs a week (two 12Ks and one 16K). Anyways, we finished the run in a weak 4:33 minutes but I never hit “the wall” or had to walk. Crossing the finish line was just fantastic! I think we both were lucky and just had a good day.

Also, if you plan on ever running your first marathon, I would recommend running the Dubai Marathon. It is flat, zero hills, and very well organized. I remember at one point during the run a person offered me a Snickers chocolate bar and I decided not to have it because I just had a Toblerone a few kilometers back.

I’m worried that my first marathon experience was relatively easy and that I may be expecting a similar race. I have set a goal of completing the marathon in under 4 hours, but I’m not sure that I can deliver. Judging from my runs to date, I can barely finish a half under 2 hours. It would be tough doubling my distance at that pace. However, we still have a month to go so I’m pretty sure I can squeeze in another few 20K + runs to make sure I am comfortable meeting that goal.

Marathons are fun, but I think a may try a different goal for 2014. I will not commit to this yet, but I’m thinking of doing 3,000K in 2014. That equals to about 8K per day, 56K per week!! The reason I want to do this is because I need to have a goal to run. I cannot regularly commit to running without having a goal.

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Core Training

The longer and faster I try to run, the more I’m convinced I need to do more (or any) core training. I came across this video below. I’m sure it’s great, I’m just not sure I can commit to that.

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Watch Failure, 3 half marathons and a few miles here and there

It’s been a while!

Well I have been running. I ran 3 half marathons since my last post, and a  few shorter runs. The reason I stopped blogging was because my Polar RCX3 watch went kaputt!! Yes, my beloved watch failed me. I had an issue with the watch on a 16K run where if froze. It froze on the 6th K. I didn’t notice till a few Ks after. And here I thought that I was managing my pace perfectly. So anyways, I was a bit bummed out I couldn’t save my run details, but managed to restart the watch as soon as I got home. A couple of days later I ran a half marathon and the watch failed me again! It’s one thing having the watch fail you on a 16K run but a half marathon fail is a bit more annoying. You don’t do one of these every day.

I took the watch in to the store and they said it would take a week to fix. (side-note; one of the employees at the store is a semi professional distance runner who did a 30K in 28 min. !!!!) Fast-forward to today where I received the watch about 3 weeks later. Mind you, they couldn’t fix the issue with the watch so i got a new one.

My last half marathon was brutal. The time was still under 2 hours (1:58:05),Running 13.12.2013 06:56., but I was exhausted for some reason. I couldn’t push any further. I remember the last recorded half marathon was about 4 minutes faster with no concerns or issues. My pace dropped to zero at a point in my run where I stopped to tie my shoe lace.

I plan on doing a 30K run this Friday. Not sure if I’ll be ready for that, but I think I can. We’ll see how this week progresses.

Well anyways, I shall be back with more soon.

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This Week in Training


This week was a good week in terms of pace. I had 3 runs in total. A 7K at 00:35:51, A 14.3K at 01:18:51 (a bit slow due to the number of people and shisha in the area I was running) and this morning a 16K at 01:26:14. I ran the 16K with no music and had a good time trying to fine tune blatant mistakes with my running style such as landing with the outer part of my foot first and stomping. I think I won’t run with music again.

The 16K was tough for the first 3 Ks. I thought I was going to have an easier run, I mean, after all, I slept early, and had Korean noodles for dinner. Perhaps the 2 beers I had last night with dinner had something to do with it. Kyla and I went to a fantastic Korean restaurant in Barsha that I would recommend to anyone. It’s a small place packed with a lot of Koreans it really makes you feel you left Dubai for a bit.  

So back to running, I wanted to talk about the gear I run with. First off my favorite thing, my running shoes. I use Mizunos. They work for me. I like the stability, the weight, they get great circulation keeping my feet cool and dry and finally perhaps best of all they are cheap when compared to asics or other higher end brands. I got this pair and my new pair from leader sport for AED 300. Half the price of the asics I would have liked to get:


I run it long shorts and a regular cotton t shirt. I don’t like running gear, they may feel great but I’m not comfortable wearing them. I feel like a  stuffed sausage.

Next item, my running watch. Kyla got me the Polar RCX3 with the heart monitor and the stride sensor. The watch is great, it can measure speed, distance, cadence, calories, and a bunch of other things that I don’t understand or need. The watch with heart monitor and stride sensor was for AED1,190 which I think is reasonable. I tried running with my phone for a while but didn’t like the software or the inability to check it whenever I wanted. I also like the stride sensor since it can track your indoor treadmill runs considering it does not use GPS.


(Above; stride sensor connected to my shoe. Is water resistant and does not affect my run at all)


(Above: Heart rate monitor. Took a while to get used to but does not affect me. Also water resistant)


(Above: My running watch. Pretty small. I like it)

So with the watch after uploading my week’s runs below:

Running 12.11.2013 18:46

Running 13.11.2013 18:34

Running 15.11.2013 06:15

I just checked out my log since I got this watch (October 11, 2013):

21  training session

Duration (hh:mm) 18:32 (hh:mm)
Calories (kcal) 16546 (kcal)
Distance (km/mi) 210.11 (km)
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Half Marathon in under 2 hours, dropped something else in the sea, and improved pace


So I had a pretty slow week in terms of running, due to a couple of after work events I had to attend to. In the two runs that I did manage to squeeze in this week, I tried to focus more on pace just to make sure I am able to complete the marathon in under 4 hours with little discomfort. This week I ran a 5K under 25 min (00:24:40) and a half marathon (21.1K) in under 2 hours (01:53:45), so I’m pretty happy about my overall pace. 

The 5K Running 06.11.2013 06:17:

For some reason I go into a run not knowing what the objective of the run is. I think that works for me because it takes away from the pressure during the first few minutes of the run. During this run I decided after the first couple of Ks that I did not want to run for too long and that I wanted to try a faster pace. I hated it. I hate running faster than my regular pace.

The Half Marathon Running 08.11.2013 06:40:

OK this run was a bit more eventful. I left a bit later than my norm. I hooked up the heart rate monitor, clipped my ipod shuffle to my t-shirt and off I went. At the 2.4K mark (check out the run log above for proof) I accidentally had my arm pull on my headphones which resulted in my ipod flying in the air and falling in the sea. That is the second thing I drop in the sea in two weeks! I think I’ll start a section in this blog titled shit I’ve dropped in the sea while running. Who said running was a cheap sport?! I was so close to quitting and just going home but that would have meant running back home, which was not fun, so I decided to continue running in the opposite direction. I never intended on running a half marathon yesterday but the weather was fantastic, and I wanted to make up for a bad running week. I thought I would go crazy without the music, but it wasn’t all that bad. Running without music made me realize i’m a heavy breather while which I’m sure freaks a few of people that I run behind out. I also noticed that I kind of stomp my feet while running so I had to consciously lightly drop my feet to the ground. Lost ipod aside, it was a fantastic run. I’m not sure I can double the distance with the same pace, but I will try going for 30K within the next couple of weeks.

Songs that I will Miss:








Thanks for reading!!!


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Running in the Dubai Marina

Hey there!

So I wanted to write about where and when the best places / times to run in the Marina are. First off, lets look at the three major areas you can go for a run.

Marina promenade (closer to the sea). This side of the marina is closer to the water and is generally less busy since there are fewer restaurants.


There is also the other side of the promenade (Closer to SZR) which has a lot more restaurants and is generally much busier. I would recommend avoiding this side in the evenings especially on weekends. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes serving shisha making your running experience not very pleasant.


Finally we have The Walk, which is probably the busiest area in the Marina, similar to the side of the promenade closer to SZR only much busier. Avoid this area during the evenings and weekends. I like finishing my long runs there early in the day on weekends.Image

Below is my weekend 10 mile (16.1K) run:


Overall, running in the Marina is great experience. Here are some of the buildings/structures that I come across during my run:

The blue bridge where I turn around the first time:


The twisty building (Cayan Tower) where I make my second turn:Image

And finally, The Walk, my last stop of the run:


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10 Mile with a Smile


This week has been a bit slow in terms of my runs. I guess the highlight was running 10K last night at 7:30ish and another 16K this am at around 6:30 in the morning. Other than that I had a shorter faster run this week. Lets go over each run briefly:

The Indian Food Run:

This run happened mid week and I was forced to go for a quick run since we had ordered Indian for dinner. It was great since I had to run as far as I could before the delivery people came knocking. I find treadmill jogs around 20 – 30 percent easier than road runs. My pace is usually faster and I have an easier time getting through the runs.

This is the detailed summary of my run: Training Result 30.10.2013 19:40. (34:59, Distance: 7.9K, Pace:4:24, Calories: 526)

Sorry, about the order: We had 1 butter chicken, 1 Paneer Gosht (goat) 1 Naan and 1 plain rice great place in JLT.

The Run with My Bro:

Probably one of my least favorite runs in a while. The weather was hot and sticky. I had a big lunch and wasn’t feeling it at all. It seemed forced and I had a hard time keeping up with my brother. Overall not a pleasant run but I think it was one of those runs that make you understand discomfort and pain a bit better.

This is the detailed summary of my run: Training Result 01.11.2013 19:32. (56:39, Distance: 10.02K, Pace:5:39, Calories: 796)

10 Mile with a Smile:

After having a “bad” run last night, I decided to go for a longer run this morning, I thought it might be tricky considering I ran 10K less than 12 hours ago, but what the heck, weekends are meant to be used for running. This was by far the best run of the week. No calf muscle cramps, a lot of runners outside to keep me motivated, good weather. What more can I ask for? The highlight of the run was the following; I usually hide a bottle of water in the bushes that I use up at 14K when I return to my starting point before I run my final 2K. Today I was looking forward to quenching my thirst. As I approached the spot where I hide my bottle, I saw a man standing right in front of it. There was also a couple walking to my left right by the water. I pointed my finger to the bottle to let the guy know that he was in my way wich resulted in him moving out of the way. As I picked up the bottle it slipped out of my sweaty hand, flew in the air, almost hit the two walkers on my left and flew in the water. I looked like a complete idiot. And I was still thirsty. I thought of stopping and just going home, but I wanted to get away from the situation as fast as i can. I think my fastest K was the 14K-15K. Overall it was a great run with little or no pain/discomfort at a relatively good marathon pace (under 4 hours).

This is the detailed summary of my run: Training Result 02.11.2013 06:19. (1:27:50, Distance: 16.11K, Pace:5:27, Calories: 1330)

Thanks for reading!

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My First Attempt at Running 5K under 20min

There is no way I can do this. Well not at this time. I managed to keep a pace of 3:50 for 1.5K before I noticed there is no way I could keep that pace let alone triple that distance and then some. I gave up. So here is what I did wrong:

  1. I read the warnings all over prior to going for my run: I ran too fast too soon
  2. I had 3 slices of pizza for lunch (I felt the pizza during my run)
  3. I’m not physically prepared for this
  4. I had to dodge a poodle (the track was just too busy)

Considering that based on my current speed I can complete a 5 K in 24 min and that changing up my routine will impact my marathon training here is what I will do to improve my speed without really affecting my regular weekly long runs:

  1. Commit to running 5K at top speed just once a week
  2. Do weight training once a week (I hate weight training)
  3. Hydrate properly and do not have heavy meals prior to a run no matter how “short” of a distance it may seem

If anyone has any suggestion or recommendations that would get me to run faster without going to the gym for a bit of weight training, I’m all ears. Or Eyes. Or both.

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ramping up the mileage

After completing the 2013 Dubai Marathon I had no interest in running for a while. All runs seemed a bit mundane. I tried mixing up my running playlist, and running in new locations at different times of the day but nothing really did it for me. I then spiraled into an eight month slump consisting of poutine, pizza and burgers with zero to no exercise. I went from 82kg to about 92kg in that period.

I have for the past few months come back to running and I’m trying to ramp up the miles to get myself back to long distances. I am currently averaging at approximately 37K per week and plan on increasing it to 50K within the next couple of weeks. Considering my speed is plateauing I plan for the coming week to run 5K runs in under 20 min 5 days this week.

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My training Since I got the Polar RCX3

Below is a chronicle of the training I have done since the wife got me my new birthday gift, the Polar RCX3. I always wanted a running watch but never really thought of myself as a runner. Thank you Kyla!!!

Training Result 11.10.2013 05:56. (Duration: 1:29:17, 1402 Calories, 16.1 km, Pace: 5:33 min/km Outdoor)

Training Result 13.10.2013 19:17. (Duration: 1:15:04, 1097 Calories, 15.07 km, Pace: 4:57 min/km Treadmill)

Training Result 15.10.2013 06:19. (Duration: 0:24:57, 375 Calories, 4.82 km, Pace: 5:07 min/km Outdoor and hungover)

Training Result 16.10.2013 06:03. (Duration: 1:29:14, 1342 Calories, 16.1 km, Pace: 5:33 min/km Outdoor)

Training Result 18.10.2013 12:14. (Duration: 0:15:43, 183 Calories, 3.03 km, Pace: 5:10 min/km Treadmill)

Training Result 19.10.2013 19:10. (Duration: 1:19:09, 1118 Calories, 16.23 km, Pace: 4:50 min/km Treadmill)

Training Result 22.10.2013 18:45. (Duration: 1:14:57, 1134 Calories, 15.66 km, Pace: 4:48 min/km Treadmill)

Training Result 25.10.2013 06:12. (Duration: 0:24:02, 357 Calories, 4.71 km, Pace: 5:05 min/km Outdoor lazy day)

Training Result 25.10.2013 08:45. (Duration: 0:20:52, 0 Calories, 1.92 km, Pace: 10:57 min/km Outdoor walk with the wife to meet fellow Canadians)

Training Result 26.10.2013 06:15. (Duration: 1:27:42, 1380 Calories, 16.1 km, Pace: 5:27 min/km Outdoor)

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Training Result 09.10.2013 7:59 PM

So my wife just got me a Polar RCX3 with an S3+ footpod to measure distance, cadence and speed. This is my first run trying to calibrate it.

For a great review of this product check out the link below:


Training Result 09.10.2013 7:59 PM.

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How I started Running

As a kid growing up in the UAE I was exposed to a lot of different sports. I remember taking karate, swimming, badminton,  wind surfing, tennis, soccer and a whole bunch of other lessons. The two sports I stuck with the longest were tennis and soccer. That being said, I don’t think I voluntarily went for a run once.

My older brother used to run as a kid and would force me(13yrs) to join him. I remember him forcing me to push harder for that extra K, or yell at me to go faster. I enjoyed it but was never interested in going for a run on my own. Back then running was a waste of energy, I mean as a kid you play soccer to score a goal, you play tennis to win the game, there was an objective. With running it seemed to be more of a waste of energy than fun. My brother and I would run about 6K three times a week.

I was on and off running until I moved to Canada about 6 years ago. By then my average run would be no more than 8K. Just a regular slow paced run. I remember my brother calling me one day and telling me he’s going for the marathon and that he’s done over 20K in training. At the time, I had just quit smoking and wanted to get back into running. I remember pushing from 5K all the way up to 10K and then up to 16K. This is when I really started enjoying running. It was fun.

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